Liverpool Studies in Ancient History

Liverpool Studies in Ancient History (LSAH) is a major new international series showcasing high quality research and representing the dynamism and vibrancy of the study of ancient history today. The series will focus on the history of the Greek and Roman worlds, particularly through the lens of politics, economy, culture and society. Volumes will be of interest and importance to an international readership, through their empirical research, interpretative approach and emphasis on what interaction between different types of evidence can tell us about the development of ancient societies.

LSAH volumes will approach their subjects through a range of historical methods including historiography, epigraphy, papyrology, and where appropriate will be archaeologically informed. Themes covered will range from politics, war, and socio-economic history, through to cultural history and religion. While certainly informed by literary texts, the focus of the series will be historical rather than narrowly literary or philological. The series will include single-author and edited volumes and is primarily for an academic audience.

The chronological range starts at c. 800 BC and ends at 400 AD, with some flexibility to expand outside these dates providing the core of the study falls within them. Geographically the series will cover the ancient Mediterranean and the surrounding territories reaching out into northern Europe, the Near East and North Africa, mapping the contours of the Greco-Roman world. A focus on specific regions will be complemented by the study of political and cultural interactions within and between communities.

The key themes of the series are defined as follows:

  • Politics
  • Socio-economic history
  • War, incorporating military campaigns, civil war and local conflict
  • Religion and society
  • Historical texts and historiography
  • Cultural studies including everyday ways of life, gender and identity

Digital humanities and Open Access: Liverpool University Press welcomes and encourages projects with a digital humanities aspect to them, and those with Open Access requirements. Please see the LUP website for further details on Open Access, and contact the commissioning editor for more details on what we can do with additional digital material (such as a database, 3D drawings, large maps) that would not easily be incorporated into a standard print and e-book edition.

Proposals are warmly invited for the series; please contact Clare Litt, or one of the series editors with a Proposal Submission Form.

Commissioning editor: Clare Litt,

Series editors:
Colin Adams, University of Liverpool
Fiona Hobden, University of Liverpool
Cristina Rosillo-López, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla
Susan Mattern, University of Georgia

Editorial board:
Hans Beck, Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster
Henriette van der Blom, University of Birmingham
Esther Eidinow, University of Bristol
Richard Flower, University of Exeter
Lisa Hau, University of Glasgow
Sabine Heubner, Universität Basel
Frédéric Hurlet, Université Paris-Nanterre
Polly Low, Durham University
Fernando Lozano, Universidad de Sevilla
Marco Maiuro, Sapienza Università di Roma
Joseph Manning, Yale University
Michael Peachin, NYU
Francisco Pina Polo, Universidad Zaragoza
Laurens Tacoma, Universiteit Leiden

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