The Glissant Translation Project

Édouard Glissant is one of the most influential figures in Caribbean thought and cultural analysis, offering insight into the challenges and opportunities associated with globalization. His writings reflect on slavery, racism, and colonialism, as well as his vision of a culturally diverse and interrelated world. As such, the implications of his colossal work reach far beyond the confines of his native Antilles and France and will be of interest to readers across the globe.

The Glissant Translation Project will offer a collection of Édouard Glissant’s works translated into English for the first time. The series began at the Center for French and Francophone Studies at Louisiana State University and received generous funding from the cultural services of the French Embassy in Washington DC.

Series Editors:
Charles Forsdick, University of Liverpool
Alexandre Leupin, Louisiana State University

Commissioning Editor: Chloe Johnson

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