Twentieth Century Architects

Twentieth Century Architects

About the Twentieth Century Society

'Without the Twentieth Century Society an entire chapter of Britain’s recent history was to have been lost. It was alert when others slept. It is still crucial!' Simon Jenkins, Writer, Historian, Journalist

The Twentieth Century Society campaigns for the preservation of architecture and design in Britain from 1914 onwards and is a membership organisation, which you are warmly invited to join and support. The architecture of the twentieth century has shaped our world and must be part of our future; it includes bold, controversial and often experimental buildings that range from the playful Deco of seaside villas to the Brutalist concrete of London’s Hayward Gallery. The Twentieth Century Society produces many publications of its own to increase knowledge and understanding of this exciting range of work.

The Twentieth Century Architects series has enabled the Society to extend its reach through partnership, initially with RIBA Publishing and now with Historic England, contributing the contacts and expertise needed to create enjoyable and accessible introductions to the work of architects who deserve more attention. In the process, the books contribute to the work of protecting buildings from demolition or disfigurement.

We propose buildings for listing, advise on restoration and help to find new uses for buildings threatened with demolition. Join the Twentieth Century Society and not only will you help to protect these modern treasures, you will also gain an unrivalled insight, through our magazine, journal and events programme, into the ground-breaking architecture and design that helped to shape the century. For further details and to join online, see

Director of the Twentieth Century Society: Catherine Croft

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