Review Requests

Get in touch with the team if you're looking to request a book for a course, to commission a review, or arrange a feature with one of our authors.

Review copies

If you plan to commission a review, contact with the title and ISBN of the book(s), and the journal/publication name. These will be considered and the team will respond to your request.

Media and Publicity

Many of our authors are available for features, articles and interviews. We will pass on any requests for these directly. Contact our Books Marketing Manager to arrange this.

Inspection copies

We offer print and digital inspection copies to those who are considering using our books on courses or modules. Email with your contact info and address along with your course details and class size.

Due to the current circumstances with COVID-19, print book requests may be subject to delays. We can supply digital review copies instantly and smoothly, and with no cost to the environment. We hope you will consider a digital copy for these reasons at the present time.