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Liverpool University Press (LUP) excels at publishing thought-provoking and engaging research that challenges and contributes to knowledge and debates. Winning the Bookseller Industry Award and IPG Award for Academic Publisher of the Year, the only university press to win both awards, LUP is an innovative academic publisher who combines a distinguished 120-year history with the forward-thinking mindset of a young start-up.

LUP currently publishes 150 books and 42 journals a year – specialising in Ancient History and Classics, Archival Studies, Film Studies, History, Irish Studies, Literary Studies, Medieval Studies, Modern Languages and Postcolonial Studies, Religious Studies, Urban Planning and Visual Culture – and we are growing.

Whether you are starting out on your academic career or you are an experienced author with numerous publications, we will look after you and your work. Our team of experienced editorial, production and marketing staff are committed to excellence in academic publishing in all areas and we work closely with our authors and publishing partners to achieve this in all publication formats including Open Access, and on our Digital Collaboration Hub, which provides our authors with a place to publish additional resources for their LUP publications, generating additional impact for their work as well as engagement with readers and the academic community..

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