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This page provides useful information for authors who already have a book under contract. Click on the cards to jump to a section.


Once you have a book under contract with us, the team at Liverpool University Press will help you navigate the production process. Our team aims to provide expertise and flexibility. First, please download the Author Pack from this page. This essential document will help you prepare your book so that production proceeds smoothly and efficiently. Below, on this page, you will find a basic outline of the main stages of the production process.

Author Pack >

What happens next?

Your Commissioning Editor will send your final manuscript to the production team.
The Head of Production will contact you as soon as possible to welcome you to LUP, to outline the production process, and to give you an approximate production schedule.
Your manuscript will be sent to an experienced copyeditor, who will perform a basic copyedit, fixing obvious inconsistencies and ensuring your text is consistent and prepared for typesetting.
We will contact you if the copyeditor raises any major queries about the text.

Next, your manuscript will undergo in-house typesetting to prepare proofs.
The Production Editor will then send the proofs to you as a pdf, and we will ask you to check them closely and return a list of changes to us within a few weeks. We might present a list of minor queries for you at this stage.
Although we aim to keep changes to a minimum, we are able to take in necessary corrections to correct typos and incorrect information, and to fix the author queries.
We will adopt your corrections and then send you a second proof for your further review.

Normally, we require authors to create an index based on the second proof. We can provide a sample index and indexing guidance to assist you.

We will typeset your index, adopt your final corrections, and then present a final proof to you for your approval.
Once you are satisfied with the text we will print your book and make it available as an ebook.
If possible, we will make your book available print-on-demand after its initial release so that your work is always available.


Once your manuscript is handed to the production department, then the marketing and publicity of your book begins.

Your editor will send you a Publicity Questionnaire to fill out, please make sure you complete this when prompted as it helps our team to promote your work effectively.

Liverpool University Press Marketing and Publicity Questionnaire >

For a more in depth look at the marketing process at LUP please see our overview below.

Liverpool University Press Marketing Process Overview >

What happens next?

We produce individual marketing material such as an AI and book flyer, and we include your book in our seasonal catalogues which are distributed to our trade reps internationally and are available online.
You can request flyers for events and conferences from the marketing team who will be happy to supply them.

Prior to publication, information on your book is sent to booksellers, librarians, institutions and retailers.
We also announce the publication of your book through campaigns to our mailing lists and social media.

We attend and have a presence at numerous conferences throughout the year, bringing your book to the attention of those in your field.

Our extensive list of contacts ensures that your book is reviewed in esteemed publications worldwide.
If you have suggestions for review after you've submitted your Publicity Questionnaire, please email us and we'll accommodate your request where possible.


Can LUP help me arrange a launch for my book?
Whilst we're happy to assist and advise, any event is the responsibility of the author. If you are planning on holding a launch event for your book, we can provide stock for sale, flyers for display, and we can help to promote the event on social media. Please contact the Books Marketing Manager in advance if you are planning something.

Am I entitled to author discount?
Every LUP author is entitled to 35% discount off their own books and all other LUP titles. You can order books from our Trade Marketing Manager.

What can I do to help promote my work?
There are lots of things you can do as an author to help promote your work. Take a look at our marketing guide for detailed ideas.

Where are the reviews for my book?
Some journal publications which will review your book are published twice a year or even annually. Have patience when it comes to reviews of your work, we pass on reviews to you as soon as we receive them. It can take anywhere onward of 6 months to receive them.

Can we send a review copy to xyz?
We will accommodate review copy requests wherever possible. Contact the Books Marketing Executive for any review or publicity requests.

How is it selling?
You will receive a royalty statement annually detailing the sales of your books, but you may request up-to-date sales figures from us directly if you wish. Please contact the Management Accountant.

Can you amend my affiliation?
We can update your author bio on request, please do keep us updated whenever possible. Contact the Digital Marketing Assistant.

Contact our team

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Proposals and Submissions

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